DNA Testing

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Its just a simple q-tip swab of your mouth

- Allows for safe and more effective medicine
- Reduces the risks of side effects and overdose
- Minimizes adverse drug interactions
- Allows the physician to know the right dose
- Improving Patient Outcomes

What used to cost 10's of thousands now is less than a 1000. Only 1 test will last you a lifetime because you DNA never changes.

Pharmacogenetic (PGX) testing helps physicians find more personalized, effective, and safer medicine by understanding the patient’s ability to metabolize medications, reducing adverse effects, avoiding drug interactions, and time-consuming drug trials. Pharmacogenetic testing can be particularly useful in chronic pain management. Knowing a patient’s genotypes prior to prescribing pain medicine can help minimize debilitating side effects and addictions to narcotic medications. Pharmacogenetic testing can mean the difference between a treatment failure and a successful outcome.


Dr. Oz on DNA testing