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Dr. O explains the importance of hormones as you age

Dr. O’s Health Plan for the Millennium

A. Exercise

You need 10 to 15 minutes on the treadmill, or 30 minutes brisk walking. Do this every day, especially in the morning. It makes you alert and sharp. The exercise you get, or fail to get, also affects your body - the temple of the Holy Spirit

B. Food

The perfect food: many of us were raised with the idea that protein was a perfect food to eat. Protein is one of the most difficult substances for the human body to digest. Only about 10% of our dietary intake should be in the form of protein. Many people believe that meat or protein should be the primary source of energy.

Actually, the primary source of energy in our diets should be carbohydrates. The people and cultures today that eat diets high in complex carbohydrates are essentially free from heart disease and strokes. Under the old covenant laws, it is the same pattern of food that God gave us. The complex carbohydrates should make up the most, if not 80%, of our dietary intake.

C. Hormonal Replacement Therapy for those 35 and over:

1. Human growth hormone
2. Thyroid hormone
3. Testosterone
4. Estrogen
5. Progesterone
7. Coenzyme Q10

D. Water: distilled or filtered. Use slightly alkaline water if possible.

E. Multivitamines and 1000mg. of Vitamin C per day.