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My Personal Calling

At the beginning of my medical practice in the 70s, the incidence of overweight was about 25 to 30%. Patients were told to lose weight, go on a diet and exercise. Today, we still hear the same words from the clinicians: go on a diet, exercise, lose weight. Patient say to me, "easier said than done".

Both the clinicians and the patients are frustrated and disappointed with this continuing Battle of the Bulge. Patients try these measures, lose pounds, and hit the wall; then they find can't shed anymore weight.

Despite my patients’ persistence on my having a weight-loss program in my practice, I was originally not at all receptive. Eventually, I decided to get involved. I did a lot of homework, studies which took me about three years of trial and error, before my program took off. It was a turn-around for me.

It was the early 1980s, when HMO, PPO and all the insurance companies started placing their controls onto the medical field and becoming more dictatorial, in my opinion. I decided to terminate my relationship with them since they would not acknowledge any payment towards managing patients that were obese or overweight. I found this field to be more challenging and indeed very rewarding. If I can change a person's life, it's well worth doing this.

I created and developed a system along with the program. I call it "Lifestyle Health Plan". This health plan seeks to enhance quality-of-life as well as quantity. This is the plan for a healthy future, to prevent the disabilities, suffering and dependency resulting from obesity/overweight and aging.