About Dr. O

Ernesto A. Ordoñez, M.D. and the Centre for Weight Loss, Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine encompasses an innovative concept for the achievement of optimum health and well being.  The center is owned and medically directed by E.A. Ordoñez, M.D., a board-eligible anti-aging physician trained and credentialed by the Academy of Anti-Aging MedicineHe has a passion to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the damaging effects of obesity/overweight and the burden of "old age".

Twenty years ago, Dr. Ordoñez’ experience in general medicine and surgery arrived at a turning point.  He made a decision to move his expertise focus from traditional medicine to one of prevention and longevity.  He designed, created and developed a revolutionary purpose-driven system of weight management.  Its success is easily witnessed in the hundreds of testimonials from satisfied, happier, and healthier patients.    Dr. Ordonez follows the wisdom of our forefathers.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   Benjamin Franklin

“The future of medicine does not lie in the treatment of disease but lies in the prevention.”  Thomas Jefferson

Optimal wellness – a mind, body, spirit approach:

  1. Weight Management and Life Style Changes
  2. Medical Age Management  (Nutrition, Bio-identical hormones, HGH)
  3. Advanced Aesthetics for face and body (including body sculpting through advanced technology)
  4. Stress Reduction
  5. Medical Dancing – for a healthier mind and body and improving the quality of life
  6. Education & Research – Education brings value and understanding for Life Style Transformation

Breaking through the barriers of traditional weight loss treatment ideas, the center closely interacts with its guests to plan a scientifically sound program to support their unique requirements for maintaining optimal wellness.  Each individual is personally interviewed by Dr. Ordonez where they team together to develop personal goals and commitment levels.  Personal success continues throughout scheduled visits and monthly educational seminars.  A key to Dr. Ordonez’ success is the one-on-one motivational session scheduled throughout the weight loss program.  Lifetime management is an ultimate objective for each guest.   After they reach their goal, they are welcome to schedule future visits to re-affirm their health objectives and commitment.  The heartbeat of success in this program is positive support – COUNSELING, ENCOURAGEMENT and REINFORCEMENT.  Additionally, adjunctive therapy such as the use of appetite suppressants helps with this transformational process.

CREDENTIALS – Ernesto A. Ordoñez, M.D.

EDUCATION       Graduate of the University of Santo Tomas College of Medicine and Surgery, Manila, Philippines.

  • Internship/residency training, Ohio
  • Memberships
    • Philippines Medical Society
    • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine since 1997


  • Methodist Hospital (now Shands Hospital)
    • Chairman of Family Practice
    • Chairman of Patients’ Care Committee
    • Member of Executive Medical Board
    • General Surgeon
    • Baptist Medical Center
      • Member of Executive Medical Board
      • Vice Chairman, Family Practice Department
      • Pioneer in establishing Primary Care Physicians Offices
      • Member of Patients Care Committee
    • Riverside Hospital
      • Member of Medical Staff
    • St. Vincent
      • Member of Medical Staff
      • General Surgeon
    • St. Luke
      • Member of Medical Staff
      • General Surgeon
  • Medical Director: Turtle Nursing Home Facility

PUBLISHED                  Winning Over Obesity, The Psychology (2004)